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Team Maintenance And Interior Design
Contractors | Established Since 1985

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Our worldwide team has undertaken a number of Main Maintenance & turn key projects for building Maintenance ,interior design ,power generation, Mechanical HVAC Work, MV & HV Electrical, Transmission lines, Communication as well as city distribution networks. Our team has the knowledge and professional management as it pertains to power
generation, substations, transmission and distribution, as well as MEP (Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Communication works) and Civil works. The Group has been able to assemble a talented group of industry experts, to assure that customer driven value added solutions are implemented under the most challenging conditions. The team delivers the projects in a safe, expeditious and cost effective manner while maintaining the highest standards of engineering and construction quality.
The Group has the associates, the employee workforce, industry experience and financial backing required to provide world-class services in MENA. Established in 1985, the Team Group of companies is a multifaceted contracting team, providing services to the power sector, MEP & Communication works as well as traditional Civil works, “Intellectual Capital in MENA and the Power of Proven Experience”, this is the core activity of the Group, this is all we do. The Groups associated companies’, are large international companies in power related services on a worldwide basis.

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